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HAPPY 2019!

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Wishing all of you a beautifully blessed year ahead! 


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YOU can HELP CLEAN our OCEANS by simply buying a bracelet from 4Ocean! ( Check out their awesome story and incredible international 'CLEAN-UP movement' on their YouTube channel. Get onboard with their amazing program to do your part ~ so easy to do! 


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You can HELP 'shelter' DOGS and CATS each day by simply 'clicking' at:

This is Mimi Ausland's (from Bend, OR) site and she's done an amazing job helping these animals.

Just 'click' THREE times - there's a button for DOGS, CATS and for 'Cat Litter' - easy to do! 

Thanks a million for clicking ~ feel free to SHARE Mimi's site ~ your support does make a difference!

Happy 2018!

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I hope 2018 will be an excellent year for all of us - humans and ANIMALS! 

Let's start off this year by buying products that are CRUELTY FREE (as well

as supporting the companies that are making these efforts and strides.)

Here's a site to get you started:


What can YOU do to HELP?

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Humans were not put on our amazing planet to only serve themselves. Many of us are doing awesome things to help other people/children, our fragile environment and ANIMALS. The more we do to protect and care for all beings - the better life is for us and our loved ones. We must appreciate and be grateful for what we have before it's no longer here for us (as well as for future generations) to see, be with and enjoy.  So, we must give back. Basically, it's a simple premise. And, if everyone does their part each day, the world would be a much kinder place for all inhabitants. The sites being shared are opportunities for you to HELP for FREE! These are user-friendly, online activities and there's no cost to you, other than a little time. Consider how much time you spend doing various things in your life -- if you spent just one hour a day doing some of these free actions, it would make an incredible impact. All it takes are some 'clicks' - in the comfort of your home, at your convenience. Thanks a million for caring and striving to do all you can each day to make a positive difference in our world. 

'CLICK' (each day) on these FREE 'causes' sites!

(Please NOTE: the following TWO sites on Reiner's site are

NOT WORKING properly - - 4th site

and the 10th one: 'Donate Water at')

Go ahead, give it a go!

DO 'SEARCHES' for your favorite CAUSE at:


===== "YEARN to LEARN... because WE are all connected!" =====


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If you are interested in HELPING ANIMALS via SIGNING PETITIONS? You can make an impact and a

positive difference by being their voice every single day. These simple actions are easy to do and they

are FREE.  To get started, try this very organized site.


A handful (of the many) sites for our FRAGILE ENVIRONMENT

(re: Entomology/Entomophily):

NATIONAL PARKS (Directory)  -

( - (video)




'ANIMAL RESCUE' / 'Sanctuary' sites - (There are many out there - however, NOT all are legit.

Some may be ill-intended or be 'scams' to incite donations.)  The following have their own

YouTube channels / videos so one can see their rescues.  Please remember: ALWAYS do

your own research BEFORE donating to any organization or groups - for your safety and for

the animals as well.)


To get one of the best QUOTATION books out there!  :) 

Check out:

And, the 'Relationship Compatibility Checklist' book is excellent too!